Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Vanishing Act

It must be nice to disappear,
to have a vanishing act...
To always be looking forward
and never looking back...
How nice it is to disappear,
Float into a mist,
With a young lady on your arm...

From his The Raven album.

And here is the touching ending of the best article after Lou Reed:

In the 1971 anthology “No One Waved Good-bye: A Casualty Report on Rock and Roll” (edited by Robert Somma), Reed wrote, anent his job, “It simply requires a very secure ego to allow yourself to be loved for what you do rather than who you are, and an even larger one to realize you are what you do. The singer has a soul but feels he isn’t loved off stage. Or, perhaps worse, feels he shines only on stage and off is wilted, a shell as common as the garden gardenia. But we are all common as snowflakes, aren’t we?” That was Lou, gardenia and snowflake, so many varieties of common as to be wildly uncommon. In his memory, I suggest doing as the audiences of his seventies solo shows used to: stand and give a rousing chorus of “Loooooooooouuuuuuuuuu.” 

We will miss you.

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