Friday, June 08, 2012

"Six Four" - "23" - "Candle" - "Never Forget"

"Six Four" - "23" - "Candle" - "Never Forget." These words does not exists on the Chinese side of the internet. In these wild days of the Internet, it seems like what does not show up in your search results, is simply not there. So the Chinese authorities are using the very same routers and servers that made the so-called "social-web revolution" possible to erase an authentic People's revolution in the Peoples Republic of China...

In case you have forgotten, in the middle ages before Twitter and Facebook "revolutionized" the "way we interact" or before the "Arab Spring" brought fresh winds of "democracy" to the "suppressed" people of the world the fire  it was still possible to gather hundreds of thousands of people around the common cause of ending repression.

In case you have forgotten, or never heard of it, its name was Tianenmen:

(Catherine Henriette/AFP/Getty Images)

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And if you think you are not repressed, think again.

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