Monday, November 15, 2010

I want the world to stop

Glasgow is one of the favorite cities I've visited. Certainly it is the city with the most polite and helpful inhabitants.

Another reason behind my fondness for Glasgow is its vibrant music scene. Mogwai and Belle and Sebastian are my favorites, while other Glasgowian acts include Travis, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys.

I think Belle and Sebastian holds a special place in contemporary pop music, at least as far as I can follow. Their music for me represents a balanced mix of Dylanesque/Reedian song-writing and minimal pop music sensibilities. Furthermore, I get the feeling that they belong to a small group of bands who respect their fans, by respecting their music.

They recently published a new album, whose live performance can be watched in its entirety in the following online video:

The first song they perform in the video, "I want the world to stop" is the strongest song in the album. My first impression of the album is that it represents a mediocre album in the groups discography.

For those wanting to get familiar to Belle and Sebastian, I suggest my favorite song of theirs, from one of their early albums, "Like Dylan in the Movies":

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