Friday, September 03, 2010

PAOK-Besiktas and Turkey-Greece

Our rivals Fenerbahce played PAOK in the European League Playoffs. Partly because of the rivalry with Fenerbahce, and partly because of the story that I've been hearing -but not able to confirm- that PAOK's founders included Greek Besiktas supporters from Istanbul there was a growing solidarity among fans of the two clubs. To the delight of PAOK and some Besiktas fans, PAOK eliminated Fenerbahce out of the Cup. I feel it was important to see that the passion for the colors or the emblem of the club -both clubs share Eagle as their emblem- could transcend nationalistic fervor kindled by the media on the both sides of the border.

A similar feeling was to be felt in Ankara, where a handful of Greek supporters opened the banner above, in the Turkey-Greece game of the Basketball World Cup. This time to the delight of all Fenerbahce and Besiktas fans it was the red and white jerseys that came out victorious.

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