Friday, June 04, 2010

Unbearable human sin

AP Photo/Charlie Riede

Today, I am once again ashamed of being human. See more pictures from the Gulf Coast here (link to the article.).

We are all guilty. But some are more guilty. This includes the hot air talking Obama, growth obsessed Chinese politicians. Do watch this video from Copenhagen Farce of last year. The video (link to the video) includes voice recordings from the last minute talks between China, India, Germany, France and USA. The recordings are in English, subtitled in German.

BP was rather ambiguous, what they meant by  with their hip and greenwashed slogan "BP: Beyond Petroleum." I know what is beyond petroleum: DEATH. Watch their commercial (link to the video).


e. pınar said...

“When a bird’s feathers become clogged with oil they no longer act as a waterproof coat. Cold water penetrates to the bird’s skin and rapidly leads to hypothermia,” added Dr. Robinson. “At the same time, as the bird preens, to try and clean the oil from the feathers, it inadvertently ingests toxic oil which leads to symptoms of poisoning, including diarrhea and dehydration.”

Marine mammals and sea turtles are at risk from the spill. Whales, dolphins, manatees, and sea turtles surface frequently to breathe and may be exposed to volatile chemicals during inhalation. There are concerns with marine mammals ingesting and swimming in oil. Oil may burn the mucous membranes of an animal’s eyes and mouth. For large whales, oil can foul the baleen they use to filter-feed, decreasing their ability to eat.

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