Monday, June 07, 2010

Power of positive thinking, no sorry, positive drinking

My latest posts have not been cheerful, to say the least. Over at Pharyngula there is a BBC short of Caribbean Monkeys -yes, the ones that populate the legendary Monkey Island, which have acquired a taste for alcohol. It is both relieving and sad to see how similar the mankind is to monkeys. It is relieving from the perspective of mankind. At least I can explain some of our foolish behaviour with the Stone-Age brains we have and share with apes. It is sad from the monkeys' perspective, that I use their species to explain the low-intelligence behaviour of their ape cousins Homo Sapiens. The video I added above is a must-watch.

So, if the monkeys got a taste for it, maybe Lou Reed was right. There is a power in positive drinking:

Talking of Lou Reed and animals, if you happen to be in Sydney, and have a house pet, make sure you don't miss the Vivid festival curated by Lou Reed and his wife. They will be giving a concert just for the pets. Here is the (link to the article).


aysenaz said...

ya evet laurie anderson cildirmis olmali.

mısır said...

bence süper bi fikir.
gerçek bi kalabalık toplasalar, hepsinin davranışlarını gözlemleseler, çok iyi bir deney olabilir..