Monday, October 19, 2009

In search of truth...

2 times 2 is four. Or isn't it?

The nature of truth has eluded humanity for thousands of years. Before any set of thoughts can be considered as philosophy, it has to clearly define its epistemology - its version of the knowledge science.

From different approaches to epistemology, mathematical ones have stood out as the ones that are most close to an ultimate epistemology. Yet in science and philosophy, even the most trivial facts has to be rigorously proven. And using mathematics as the ultimate epistemology has proved to be one of the most challenging undertakings in the intellectual history of humanity, which lead to many bright minds to go insane.

Logiocomix, hailing from the birth place of Philosophy, is a very interesting comic book that chronicles this intellectual journey with the main protagonist being Bertrand Russell, and characters such as Wittgenstein -portrayed above during an attack of existentialist rage- Gödel, Carnot, Poincare and Von Neumann.

I've ordered the book on Amazon, but it looks like Amazon's having problems getting its hands on the book. No wonder, considering the greatness of the story and it's telling.

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