Friday, July 09, 2010

People of Rio de la Plata, Unite!

... or A proposal for South American dominance in the next world cup:

Yes, it still hurts. Those four goals, that involve perfectionism in attacking football on the German side, and complete failure of the defensive skills on the Argentinian side. And God's sad sad face.

So I have a proposal for the next World Cup. We all seen how good the Uruguay defensive line was. Just think about adding the dream forward line of Argentina with a 2 good defensive midfielders together.  It would be a dream team from the Rio De La Plata.

After all, Uruguay has its roots in the Liga Federal, which was a federalist state aspiring to control whole Viceroyality of Rio De Plata, which includes today's Argentina, after gaining independence from Spain...

If this doesn't work, they should at least bring together a team of chefs from both countries and tour the world:


Buenos Aires:

 The meat quality in Germany is comparable with the quality of Chinese toys. So I cannot even dream how do these South American meats taste, which in the same line of reasoning would be like German cars. In the meantime, I will have to be satisfied with Spanish Chorizo and home-made Chimichurri:

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