Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best Football Song I've Listened

Die Toten Hosen is the best German Punk band without question. They are also hardcore Fortuna Düsseldorf Fans, who at one point financed the transfer a player for the club. They have a great song about the bad guys in German football, F.C. Bayern Munchen. I had the time on my daily subway commute to translate this great song:

There are not many things in this world,
To hold on to,
Some say its love, maybe they've got a point,
There is always god, when there's no one else left,
Some believe in nothing, life's hardened them up,
So many things can happen,
So many things,
There is only one thing I am sure of,
I would never play for Bayern!

If I were 20 yeras old, and super talented,
And Real Madrid had knocked on my door,
Along with Man United,
I had already played for Germany,
And mentally top fit,
If Uli Hoeness -Bayern Manager- would stand on my door,
I wouldn't open my door,
Cause its out of the question for me,
To play for a club like Bayern,
Their character is spoiled,

Let me clarify my point,
So that we understand each other,
Ive got nothing against Munich,
I just would never play for Bayern!

Must something like this really be,
Isn't the life so much more beautiful,
To throw yourself in the rubbish,
and play for F.C. Bayern!

What kind of elders should one have,
to be so spoiled,
and sign a contract,
with this shitty club?


mısır said...

ahmetcihat eminim bu şarkı da güzeldir ama söylenmiş en içten futbol şarkısı fenerbahçe'ye yazılmıştır diye biliyorum ben.
youtube'da "fener ne yer" sorgusuyla arayan bulur:)

Ahmet C. Toker said...

onu da besiktaslilar yazmistir.

thuan said...

im watching the full leonard cohen tribute concert (from which you posted the anthony rendition) and its muito bom. i think this one in particular is by rufus wainwright ...very good stuff