Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Olympic Heroes

Luciana Aymar, the Maradona of womans' field hockey. Hope Argentina wins gold.

Yelena Isinbayeva. The only queen of pole vault. Her world record in the Olympics is her 24th!

I think Phelps is everyone's hero. Earlier, I had asked what the factors behind the swimming records are. Thanks for Yigit for this article, which links the records to the professionalization of the sports(the swimmers can swim longer and mature), the equipment, the deeper pool which allows more under water times, and advanced pools that minimize turbulence.

There is also this interesting article from Scientific American, which links Phelps' success not to his "freak of nature" body, but his ability to sense the water and coordinate his strokes accordingly.

Usain Bolt's unbeliveable performance in the 100 meters final gave me the same thrills, when I watched Floyd Landis came from behind in a mountain stage to take the lead. I hope he is really dope free.

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