Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ali Boma Ye

I recently watched When We Were Kings on DVD. It is an Oscar-Wining documentary about the tight fight between George Foreman, who was 22 and top of his time, and Muhammad Ali, who was 32, promoted by Ron King as Rumble In The Jungle. The fight took place in Congo, where the the Dictator Mobutu agreed to pay the 10 million dollars to raise the image of his country. The fight was supported with an All-Star troupe of African American entertainers, including BB King and James Brown. I definitely recommend the movie and it's soundtrack to get to learn this inspiring figure.

Muhammed Ali is an amazing personality. In addition to being one of the greatest professionals of the history, he was at the same time an entertainer, a man of principles, a social transformer, and a poet in his own right. This clip from Michael Parkinson's show -the famous British TV personality who chose him the greatest entertainer he interviewed- gives a small clue why it is worth watching When We Were Kings.

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