Thursday, September 13, 2007

Moment of truth closing in Stepneygate (UPDATED) ...

In what will surely be remembered as the most controversial decision ever given by FIA, the governing body of F-1 , will decide today on the future of McLaren Mercedes Team, who were found guilty earlier of industrial spying but not punished due to lack of evidence. In recently obtained e-mail exchanges between Fernando Alonso and the test driver Pedro de la Rosa, there are hard-to-deny evidence that McLaren Mercedes Team had access to secret Ferrari information and were testing them on their cars. McLaren Mercedes will again try to defend (!!!) itself on the lines that there is no evidence that these information were used in races, which I find totally unacceptable. The case involves a close cooperation between the head designer of McLaren Mercedes, Mike Coughlan, and Ferrari's now sacked head of development Nigel Stepney, and it is utterly stupid to think that these information were not used for increasing McLaren's competitive advantage. I am eager to see if principles will win over unbelievably profitable but not honest practices.

UPDATE: The decision which made most sense to me was reached. McLaren Mercedes is found guilty and stripped of its Constructors points, fined 100 Million but the driver are not fined.,18954,3213_2726904,00.html

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