Monday, June 18, 2007

Pearl Street Forever

After almost 3 years Pearl Street Coop gang is still together. Over the weekend I was in Kühlsheim, a town close to Würzburg, where Kate kindly opened up a house belonging to her family to us. The countryside, the drinks, the football tournament that we ended up watching, lovely dog named Linda, the Italian Restaurant with angry waitress', the cold stream and most important of all the conversations with friends made it a weekend to remember...

I thank...

...Ariani for beating me every single time during the drinking game,
Bjoern for never leaving me alone in two of my favorite activities, singing and drinking,
Edgar for the Universitario jersey,
Julia for being the model for the beach shot
Kate for choosing such a beautiful place and her hospitality,
Marion for not getting angry at me when I revealed her bluffs during the drinking game,
Micha for action shots and singing
Michi for childish games that make the world a better place
Regina showing me her beautiful home town
Stefan for listening to my almost made-up thyroid story

Pearl Street Forever!

PS: I added some pictures to my flickr account for those Pearl streeters who could not make it but carry the spirit on!


thuan said...

those people look familiar. i think i know some of them

sab said...

maybe we should form a "i think i know some" association. By the way, about that: whats that?