Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Shot At Cracking The Cylon Mystery

My favorite TV show Battlestar Galactica starts with the video clip above. The Cylons, who are evolved machines in human form, have a plan, and that is why they destroyed all but 40 thousand plus humans on the 12 planets (of Kobol). After 2,5 seasons (that's where I am at now, in UK and USA the third season has already ended) the Plan is not clear. But the clues are there. So I am gonna try to unfold the mystery.


The 12 colonies mythology goes like this:

The Humankind was living peacefully on Kobol with the Gods. Sometime later the humanly sins such as greed and jealousy took their toll on Kobol, and the humans had to leave the planet. There were 13 tribes of humans. 12 of them stayed together and ended up in 12 different planets on the same constellation. 1 of them, the 13th tribe , ended up in a planet called Earth and lost contact with the other 12 colonies. The sacred texts of 12 colonies prophesy that the 13th tribe lives in harmony on Earth, and the people on 12 colonies will reach earth after a big disaster.

The Cylons are this big disaster. Cylons were created by the people of Kobol as robots helping them on manual labor. However greed and jealousy took center stage again, and the colonies used the Cylons as soldiers in their internal wars. The Cylons grew more intelligent, stopped fighting each other and turned against their masters. After years of war between Cylons and humans, a peace deal was agreed, and Cylons left the 12 Colonies of Kobol. It was agreed that there would be regular meetings between humans and Cylons on a remote space station. For 40 years humans sent their delegates, Cylons did not. And on the day of this meeting on the 40th year the Cylons raged an immense nuclear attack the 12 colonies killing all but 40000 humans stuck in a fleet lead by the Battlestar Galactica.

All these you could have read on any Wiki. Here comes my explanation. I think the 13th Tribe split into two during their voyage to Earth. The splitting point was an argument over polytheism/monotheism. The Cylons who left 12 colonies met the remnants of the 13 tribes (the polytheists) who could not make it to Earth. They "inter-breeded" -the idea that the human evolution will go through machines with human minds followed by the mind integrating with the cosmic matter is a popular theme in science fiction, remember 2001 A Space Odyssey- and the 12 humanoid Cylons were born. They are in the search of the rest of the 13th Tribe (the monotheists), as they have came to the conclusion that monotheism is the way to go. However they need the help of the history of the 12 Colonies of Kobol. And they know that the 12 colonies would also search for Earth, so that's one of the reasons they try to eradicate the humans. The other reason being religious hate, the colonies are still polytheist.

Let's wait and see if my guess is right


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