Thursday, January 18, 2007

So Tell The Girls That Diego's In Town

After 6 Months as a Marine, our beloved friend Seckin, a.k.a Diego, is coming back home today. Being the first of the gang to complete the compulsory military service, he's the first to face a life with million possibilities without any excuses. I am sure life will be kind to my friend, as it should be to someone who harbors nothing but good will towards life itself and towards the most of the people in the world. I mean we are talking about a guy, who almost had a depression just because the country was being governed so badly before the 2001 crisis. If the life is not fair, we know what to do:

"Cekeriz Emaneti, S...riz Adaleti!"

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Ozan Korkmaz said...

ben de buradan kendisine "hoşgeldin" diyorum.