Sunday, January 28, 2007

Passion versus Perfection

As it was expected Federer has just won the first Grand Slam of the year, with a 3-0 straight victory against Chilean Fernando Gonzales (Fernando Francisco González Ciuffardi actually).

It was not a crushing defeat like the semis, Gonzales did his best. I mean he really did, but being himself as usual, Federer never seem to get the game out of his control. He made 19 unforced errors. Gonzales 29. It was like watching a mortal giving his best to defeat an immortal.

Even if he plays like an immortal, he is still human and has emotions. It's just that he somehow strips off them during the game. Whereas Gonzales was sweating passion and emotion. It was so obvious during the tie-break that decided the 1st set, that perfection without emotion would beat outstanding game with passion.

It was the 6th game of the 3rd set that the match was won, and which I would remember as one of the best tennis games I watched. Rally when it was 30-30, which of course Federer won, was simply a masterpiece. I'll try to get a video of it on this blog.

Now some notes:
  • Federer had already booked his flight back home to the Monday after the final.
  • Gonzales eats avocado during the games and has an avocado firm as sponsor.
  • Gonzales paid thousands of dollars talking to relatives back in Chile. Can someone tell this guy about Skype?


Diego said...

forget skype, i can tell him about turkcell and he could pay millions instead of thousands. that would be more cool, better for a campion.

thuan said...

that game did not end here until just now. federer ist ein machine.