Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Road To Peace

Let us be very clear about one thing: POLITICS KILLS. The entire Israeli political apparatus lied to the public for 18 days about the three yeshiva boys who were killed brutally by a Hamas split-up. Those in charge knew from the start that the boys were dead, but kept on the search in order to build public support for the brutal invasion of the largest Ghetto in the world, the Gaza Strip. (Source: )

The pictures and the reports coming from Gaza are brutal, heart breaking and making me lose any confidence that I still might have for the international peace keeping efforts. Pounding a population who has no where else to go does not fall short of a war crime.

Furthermore these pictures does not help Israel's security and the well-being of its citizens at all. As a supporter of Isreal's lawful existence in the region, this hurts me even more.

In the end, nothings changed since Tom Waits wrote the song Road to Peace (lyrics:


"The fundamentalist killing on both sides is standing in the path of peace
But tell me why are we arming the Israeli army with guns and tanks and bullets?"

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