Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dylan, Dylan...

The song that kicked open Bruce Springsteen's mind (link: ) finally has an official video (link: ). And what a video it is!

Created by the digital Agency Interlude this is an interactive TV with 16 channels, with all the people on the screen are singing Like a Rolling stone. Having an award winning film director as a son can come handy sometimes (link:

I love the fact that one of the channels is History Channel with Pawn Stars on it. If you want to share my joy do watch this video (link:

Dylan was many things over the years. Among the many faces he had, the one I associate the most is his Existentialist era (i.m.h.o.). After Visions of Johanna, like a Rolling Stone is his most iconic from this era. A world where everyone is singing Like a Rolling Stone reminded me of another existentialist favorite of mine, Being John Malkovich: (link:

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