Monday, January 10, 2011

Best of German Food - Vol. 1

It is a terrible and wrong cliché to wrap up the entire German cuisine within the combination of "sauerkraut, potatoes and bratwurst". It is as accurate as the idea that all that Italians eat are pizza and pasta.

After spending 5 years in the gastronomic capital of Germany, I'll try to write about some German delicacies when I find the time.

First I will start by attacking the cliché itself. "Leber- und Blutwurst mit Rotkohl und Bratkartoffeln" is a dish that demonstrates how good the wurst-kraut-potato combination can be.


Otto von Bismarck famously likened sausage-making to law-making. If you like sausages or the laws, you better stay away from the actual making process. Skip to the end of the WARNING if you like sausages.

Leberwurst is a cooked sausage of bacon-liver-pork, flavored with spices. The one pictured above has other offal parts as well. German blood sausage - Blutwurst-  is made out of blood and pork skin. Spanish blood sausages are far superior to the German versions IMHO, but the the German version is also pretty good.

!! End of WARNING

Rotkohl is my favorite German cooked/slightly pickled cabbage recipe from the family known as the kraut. Red cabbage is boiled with the addition apple, clove, and muscat and wine. It is than pickled in the cooking liquid for a short time. The mixture of sweet and sour flavors make it the perfect side dish to dishes with meat or sausages.

Bratkartoffeln are potatoes roasted with onions and bacon. I mix them with hot mustard to reach potato heaven.

You can eat this perfect quintessentially German dish in my favorite German Delikatessen in Berlin, The Rogacki.

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