Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Those who doubt and those who believe

"-You unbeliever,
You, who dared to doubt the Son of God,
You are sentenced,
You must now feel his blood,
His flesh and his gut."

He, who dared to doubt the Son of God,
Has his fingers in that sacred cut,
And the unbeliever, the doubter,
At this holy sight,he cannot look at.

"-Their eyes, their eyes,
Of those without the courage to doubt,
Are so vicious, and are filled with doubt,
My trembling fingers,
It's what they are looking at,
And not the Son of God

I went to the Gemäldegalerie 2 weeks ago. I was lucky to experience four more Caravaggio paintings, since there was a Caravvagio exhibition. The painting that touched me the most was "The Incredulity of Saint Thomas."

The story is like this:After the resurrection of the Christ, Thomas the Apostle doubts that Christ was raised from the death. Christ makes him touch his still open crucification wounds, to convince him.

For me what is shining out of this painting is not the incredulity of Thomas, or the reality of the Christ story. It is rather the eager and rather cruel observers, two other Apostles.

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