Monday, May 24, 2010

he was much older then, he's younger than that now

A retired car mechanic married to the daughter of the last Aztec king, who then gave birth to an ill-tempered Russian Cossack, who ran away from the army of Napoleon on the way to Mozambique after falling in love with a Turkish nomads daughter in Agri. Their son was arrested in the Parisian student uprisings, for writing an obscene poem to the most beautiful French girl alive, and deported to Mobile, Alabama on a slave ship captained by a certain Colombus, who's name was not Colombus. After finding out that his father was not the Russian Cossack, but a communist in the name Woody Woodpecker, the son ran away from his family ranch in the northern woods, to the circus on the mouth of Hudson, to portray himself as a lonely lunatic with a message from a god, or some gods, whose name or names he couldn't remember. It might have been one of the Aztec gods, or some jealous one from the land of Galilee. Today its the birthday of this guy who is nobody, but everybody. Happy Birthday Shabtai Zisel ben Avraham.

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