Tuesday, January 13, 2009


18 days and there is no end in sight for the situation in Gazza. I have written about my disgust at the unbelievable disrespect to human dignity and human life from both sides, and my disillusionment with political progress earlier.

With no changes in sight to the cruelties, and stupidities on the politics side of things I want to write about something else, which caught my attention.

We use the word "inhumane" when we are describing Israel bombing a school, or Hamas blowing up a bus in Israel and killing innocent people -who is an innocent person by the way?-. This is nothing but a misnomer to say the least. Humans are the only species on this earth who use their intelligence to lock their siblings underground for years, and rape them, who built factories of death to kill other humans, build atom bombs to kill hundreds of thousands in a slip second, and come up with ideologies which praise killing yourself and others as a backstage pass to some imaginary place. So these "inhumane" activities in Gazza, are very humane indeed.

If I were to describe this cruelty as the negative of the typical behavior of a species, it would have been the Bonobo's, which are the most peace-loving creatures in the world. This great TED Talk features Susan Savage-Rumbaugh, who works closely with Bonobos, and has some incredible footage of Bonobos, driving a cart, using scissors, WRITING, and playing Pacman, all learned naturally through their interactions with humans:

Another feature of humanity that I despise, is what I call their species solipsis: The idea that humans are somehow different from other species on this earth, which leads to so much suffering on the other species, and will most likely cause our end. I hope these footages may make you reconsider your view on the uniqueness of the humans.

Next time I talk about human cruelty, I will use the term "in-bonobo".

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thuan said...

chimpanzees are the only other species *observed* to *deliberately* track down and kill another member of their own species.

and there are those who refuse to believe we share the same ancestors