Monday, December 22, 2008

Singing of transistors which recite a strange history of an transitory love

I love French language. Those who know me well know that one of my favorite past time activities is talking -or glossoling- in French. I have always thought the French have their own way of thinking, distinct and somewhat peculiar in the Western culture. And I find it very cool. As a matter of fact, my definition of cool is Alain Deloin in Le Samurai. Now I found another French definition of cool, Mr. Serge Gainsbourg. I would die happy, if I ever get to pronounce his name the French do.

Starting from modest chansons, Mr. Gainsbourg grew to become the "Chanteur Provocateur" of French speaking world. His provocations ranged from recording the French National Anthem's reggae version. burning a 500 franc note live on TV to protest high taxes, recording the orgasm sounds of his lover and making a song out of it, recording a duet with his daughter and naming it "un zeste de citron" that rhymes with incest. He spend a considerable amount of his time drunk on TV, under his persona Gainsbarre.

I love this music video from Gainsbourg, to the song "L'anamour". Don't tell it's not cool. Cause, c'est cool. tres cool!

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