Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gender Equality and Quality in Music

It is somewhat implicitly assumed that gender equality is a pre-condition for a better society. Although I am behind this idea, I never thought about the "why" question behind this. I am sure this is the topics of many dissertations and books. What occurred to me as I listened to my best alternative rock playlist in my mp3 player, that the quality of the music -as far as I can judge- is highly correlated with the gender equality in a band. All of my favorite rock bands have at least a single woman member:

Kim Gordon - Sonic Youth (Bass)

Maureen "Moe" Tucker - The Velvet Underground (Drums)

Kim Deal - Pixies (Bass)

Bilinda Butcher - My Bloody Valentine (Guitars/Vocals)

Debbie Googe - My Bloody Valentine (Bass)

By the way, you know where gender inequality leads. Spice Girls.

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