Monday, April 28, 2008

Doin' a modern dance

I'm a city soul. I lived in big cities all my life, and hated my only camping adventure -though it might have had to do with the 2 drunk guys snoring in my tent. Still I feel the urge to leave it all behind go to somewhere secluded. Its not that I am having a bad time, I am lovin' it to live in a city. It's just that the idea of being alone, and feeling the utter beauty of nature, and act as if all of it were made for me is very very tempting. Just like Lou Reed, the poet of the post-modern metropolitan male, says in his song Modern Dance:

So maybe I should go to Tanganyika
where the rivers run, down mountains tall and steep
or go to India to study chants
and lose romance to a mantra's dance

So if I had the chance to go right now, these would have been my choices:

1- Patagonia, Argentina

2- Shetland Islands, Scotland

3- Rural Iceland

4- Kamcahtka, Russia


thuan said...

imagine pitching a tent behind this

waking up to the sounds of the shores

argentina - where the grass fed cows roam; best place for a carnivore!

Ahmet C. Toker said...

dude is this pic from argentina?

thuan said...

that is acadia national park in the northeastern state of maine. no gauchos and steaks there, but you can sure get a nice lobster dinner!