Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What else can this be, if not blind love[*]...

Lou Reed did not mention which day his perfect day was. I always thought it was a Sunday, maybe because from time to time Sundays give me the joy worth a month. These Sundays are usually during the F1 season, so this last Sunday was somewhat an exception.

I started the day watching Besiktas basketball team beating the basketball giants Efes Pilsen for the second time in the season, clinching the leadership in the normal season and securing a 1-0 start to a possible play-off match up. We have shown that we can beat any team in our good das with our supporters. Next week we have an important game with Galatasaray, who lost to a low placed team this week, and have to win away in order to start a play-off match-up 0-0. They will have the supporter advantage, I hope we’ll repeat the game we played last week against Hapoel Jerusalem, which we won by 20 points. Here is a video of our players chanting with our supporters after the game:

Then I went on watching the football derby against Galatasaray. The game itself was not very entertaining -as a matter of fact Besiktas games are rarely entertaining. However, considering the important players who were missing the game due to injury, we did a good job winning with a corner goal. Had our strikers been a little more careful we could have won with more goals. Filip Holosko strengthened my belief that he is a European grade player, who we will sell to a big name club. He is partnered well with Nobre, a Brazilian with Turkish nationality. Watching him against Hakan Sukur, I believe he deserves a place in the Turkish national team. Funnily enough, our defence, which has been our Achilles Heel this season, along with the goalies, has come out with a clean sheet. This had also got to do with the inefficiency of Galatasaray, who lacked harmony and will. Here is the goal.

Later that night, I watched Boca Juniors win against Gimnasia La Plata, after playing the game 10 man for 40 minutes. Martin Palermo, my favorite Argentinian striker, scored his 180th goal.

All in all, it was a perfect day…

[*] Translation of what is written in the title picture

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