Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Autechre's New Album and World Tour

Autechre's brand new album Quaristice marks a back to the roots move for them. After experimenting with complex a-rhythmical beat patterns in their last 2 albums, it seems like the IDM gurus from Rochdale, Manchester have spent their time with synthesizing -again- very complex sounds. The resulting sounds are used in rhythmical structures that are similar and yet calmer and simpler than the structures in their previous 2 albums. The sounds themselves reminded me of Matmos. They will be on a world tour starting on Febuary 29, whose dates can be found here:

My favorite for now is dark and echoe-full rale

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siyahbeyaz said...

bu fikre katılmamak elde degil.bu gorev sadece entellektuellere dusmuyor.sıradan duz vatandaslarda
sadece yakınma yerine neler yapılacagı konusunda dusunmeleri yakınmanın bir cozum olmadıgını anlamaları lazımmmmmmmmmmm....