Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sun shines through the clouds every day

Advantage of being a supporter of a club like Besiktas is to find something to make you happy every time you are down. These are moments from our victory against Efes Pilsen, der rekordmeister, from last week. During the week we beat Zeleznik Beograd in Belgrade in ULEB Cup.

I am waiting for Saturday to come to watch Besiktas, probably to deliver another miserable performance- when I think about it I don't remember a game we played inspiring football. In the mean time I listen to old chants, like this one we sang in 2003 against Lazio Rome, being 2-0 down, and out of the competition...

I fell in love with you already,
And therefore I cannot love another,
They are calling me mad,
Let them call me mad, I cannot change,
Let them call me mad, I cannot change, ooooo...

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