Thursday, August 02, 2007

Turkey as seen by British Bloggers

BBC's Europe Editor Mark Mardell has written a delicious piece on Turkish cuisine. These lines watered my mouth and made me look even more forward to my Turkish Trip:

"Diced tomatoes and cucumber in a pomegranate sauce. Watercress in yoghurt, smoky aubergine puree. A tangy lamb stew. Juicy kebabs. Flaky, puffed-up balloons of sesame-sprinkled bread. Like the Platonic lemon of Cizre they all tasted complex, full not just of flavour, but of flavours."

Interested can read a series of entries leading to the landslide election of 22 July on his blog.

Another interesting news from the blogosphere comes from the Economist's Euro Blog. As you might know, France and her President Sarkozy are horribly anti-Turkish. Yet, Sarkozy might be lifting the referendum clause for new members to EU in order to make more room for diplomatic maneuver. Well this does not mean that he will turn pro-Turkish, and might mean that France will be more intrusive in the membership talks. But this is better than a blunt no, for for us the talks themselves and the accompanying reforms are more important then the actual membership itself...

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