Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Feeling Sick Today

It's not physical sickness I mean- I am sick in that sense too, the weather pressure is alternating so rapidly that my sinuses are giving me a preview of hell. I am sick of the disgusting things that human beings can do...

There is a song by Nick Cave and the Bas Seeds, about the Christian Saint Christina the Astonishing. Christina the Astonishing was a young lady from Belgium in Middle Ages. She is believed by modern doctors to be epileptic. She is struck by a such a strong seizure that people think she's dead, and put her in a coffin. During the prayer, she roses from her coffin and says shes been to purgatory and back. She spends her life running away from mankind by hiding in ovens, swimming in ice cold weather, and climbing trees. She cannot stand the stink of human sin, which she claims to smell after her trip to afterlife.

I cried

"The stink of human sin
Is more that I can bear"

like Christina after reading this gruesome news about a global pedophile ring that was smashed last week, and about 31 rescued children, some of them only months old. The stink makes me want to throw up...

Next time I see a missing child sign, I will be hurt a billion times more, with fear that the little girl or boy might be in the hands of one of these disgusting beings.

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