Friday, May 18, 2007

The Glorious 90s

I've been listening to a lot of Björk lately. Mostly her early works. It occurred to me suddenly that in 3 years, the glorious days of 90s will be 20 years old... It was a both sad and happy realization. No one wants to get old, thats the sad part. But after 20 years, when I look back there are so many good artists and songs enduring 20 years, ensuring my belief that 90s will be remembered as golden years in music.

So here are 3 great songs from this great era:

First is my favorite Björk song, Army of Me: (ps Rammstein's Benzin video?)

Then one of the most striking videos from the 90's, Björk's Bachelorette:

And lastly, my favorite music video from the 90s, hailing from the same great year of 1997, Karma Police by Radiohead:

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