Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Training Day 5

Second day of my new program. I am dead tired the day after. But that means a thing, I was not pushing enough in my old program. So the results:

35 Minutes on the bike. This is good, my aerobic performance is getting better. I am quite motivated for the skiing trip that I will make at the end of the month.
Abs. First time I got a cramp on my abs.
Breast and Shoulders. My shoulders are aching so bad that I have to sit properly.

Lost 2 kilos. After all, a very encouraging second day.

The fitness song is from Aphex Twin, called Come to Daddy. Chris Cunningham's video is one of the best music videos I've ever watched.

Other interesting videos form Chris Cunningham:

Windowlicker by Aphex Twin
Second Bad Vilbel by Autechre


Diego said...

abs, breasts and shoulders.. bu isin sonu iyi gorunmuyor ahmet.

Ahmet C. Toker said...

hips don't lie diego.

Diego said...

a minute on the lips a life time on the hips demişler. ah omuzlarım agriyor, abs lerim ise rende gibi..

siyahbeyaz said...

sadece kondisyon calısmaları yetmez,spor birazda keyftir tenis gibi