Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Teenage dreams, so hard to beat

For those who are not familiar with him, John Peel was a legendary British radio broadcaster, who with his Peel Sessions which he ran unstopped between 1967 until his death 2004, helped so many bands from all sorts of genres. I

I came across Peel Sessions site on BBC Radio 1, which reminded me his favorite song Teenage Kicks by the Undertones. It is the only song that he played two times in a row in a show. On a time when most of us asking serious questions about the meaning of dreams and the realities in life, it is a good song to sing to...

"I can't listen to it now without getting all dewy-eyed. And if I play it on the radio, I have to segue it into the front of another record because I can't speak after I've heard it."

John Peel on Teenage Kicks


thuan said...

liverpool liverpool!

Ahmet C. Toker said...

Unfortunately, even Liverpool FC could not stand against American emparialism. They were bought recently by an American Investment firm.