Sunday, February 11, 2007

Besiktas - Denizlispor

I watch Besiktas games in a locale for Besiktas supporters in Berlin. They are not your ordinary supporters either, they are a part of the Carsi group of Besiktas supporters, who are known for their unconditional support under all circumstances. So the number of games they did not see is maximum 3 or 4 in last 3.5 years, when the things were going down down and even further down. My feelings were shared by most of the people in the crowd, I felt that there was light at the end and not just the supporters but the whole club believe that we can reach this light out of the bad times. For the first time in 3 years,the chants were sung in celebration, in hope, not to shout out the love for the club, which was not shared by the players. This year, this love is shared by them...

This season started as usual, we were excited for the first two games, and then faced the bitter reality that something was not functioning in our team. The passes were going uncompleted, players did not know where to stand and where to go. Most of the supporters blamed the trainer, and the president above all. There was a point at the end of the first half of the season, when the newspapers were discussing who would be replacing Jean Tigana, our trainer.

Then the winter break came, and it was as if nothing had changed during the friendlies. The first game of the second half coincided with the election for the president. The president did not change, however change is a change. The board of directors was changes, so was the assistants of Jean Tigana. Tayfur Havutcu, a veteran player was promoted to player manager, which was a good decision for a team of young players.

I am not sure if it was Tayfur's promotion, or financial revival due to the new board of directors, or if it was just the result of Jean Tigana's plan, but we are playing well. Our two creative middlefielders Ricardinho and Matias Delgado are providing our Brazilian strikers Bobo and Nobre with delicious vertical passes. Ibrahim Uzulmez our captain, who I did not want to see this year in Besiktas after the end of last season, is providing unbelievable sprints and crosses from the left flank. Serdar our young defensive midfielder is running as if he occupies the place of 2 players. Koray our other defensive midfielder, who was accused of being worthy of a second league player is delivering beautiful passes... I just hope that we can carry this wind behind us 3 more games, until we play Galatasaray. If we can do this, and beat Galatasaray, we will be in a good position for the title...

The joy that the funs enjoy is obvious in the following supporter video from the part of the stadium where Carsi fans watch the games:

You can watch a 10 minute summary of the game here:

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