Monday, August 28, 2006

Stone against tanks, Besiktas against war!

Besiktas Fans, especially CARSI who controls the most loud and passionate northern side of Besiktas Inonu Stadium, are known for their politically active character. I found this picture on flicklr, taken on the camping grounds of the alternative and non-commercial rock festival Barisarock. To be seen on the banners are two slogans:

"Tanka karsi tas, Savasa Besiktas!"

Which can be translated as "Stone against tanks, Besiktas against war!". Note that Besiktas translates as Cradle Stone, coming from the fact that it was believed in Roman times that the cradle of Jesus was located in BEsiktas, from where the Besiktas Gymnastics Club takes it's name, rhymes with stone.

The second simply says:

"Halkin takimi"

Which means, "The team of the people", which has been on the northern stands for a long long time. Its my favorite banner.

After watching the sponsor drowned World-Cup, it is relieving to see that there are football fans who still know that football is never just football... and I am proud to be one of them.

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