Thursday, August 31, 2006

Google Boneparte

In an Economist article I read few weeks ago , the author(s*) likened Google to France before the Napoleonic Wars, mighty and threatening. The anology put Microsoft, Amazon and Yahoo into the roles of Prussia, Austria and Russia. The article argues, in an rather satiric tone, that their only way out of utter defeat is collabaration. However, Google seems to have taken lessons from the sad story of the little big man from Corsica, and is forming its own alliance in the Techworld. Not a day after the incredible news of Google-Ebay Alliance , we learned that Google CEO Eric Schmidt will be joining Apple Board. This would be the equivalent of Napoleon having a seat in the Spanish court...

(*)Economist tradition is not to have authors names on the article. This should give the impression that the magazine has a strong unequivocal voice.

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