Thursday, October 14, 2010

Intrusive Harassment Strategy of WinEdit

Dear WinEdit,

I really liked you when I first met you. True, I knew you were not for free, and sooner or later I would have to pay. True, you've literally made my thesis writing really easy. I would have delightedly made a contribution to you via PayPal, as I usually do to open source projects that help me. I would have, but I won't.

It's all because of your outdated - in my humble opinion at least- marketing, or shall I say harassment strategy. You write it yourself in your message:

"You can continue to use this unregistered shareware copy of the program.  However, as the time goes on, WinEdt will be issuing  (annoying)  registration reminders with increasing frequency ..."

When I first read that, I underestimated how low you can get, to get annoying. And no, those annoying messages didn't send me the most positive messages, or created what your average marketing guru would name "brand loyalty" Especially when I was trying frantically to finish up my thesis 3 am in the morning.

So before I leave you forever, I'll say, as Dylan put it so well 47 years ago:

"Goodbye's to good of a word babe, so I say: fare thee well"


eartun said...

Gecmis olsun kardes!
Bir daha ihtiyacin olur mu bilmiyorum ama TexnicCenter da Windows'da latex yapmak icin guzel ve beles bir program.

Ahmet C. Toker said...

abi artik linuxa gectim. bir daha windowsa donmem gerekmez umarim.