Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dies mal eine sehr kluge Frage von Ihnen...

The German efficiency is still working. No matter how strong/weak Australia was, the performance of this young and new team is remarkable, or as the Germans would put it "bemerkenswert".

However, I couldn't enjoy the game, rather the post-game as much as I could. In Germany, World Cup is broadcast on two channels alternatively. ZDF and ARD. In ARD, there is the cult football commentary duo Gerhard Delling and Günther Netzer. They are by far the most hilarious thing I watched on German TV. In ZDF, a serious old lady and Oliver Kahn, whose nickname was the Gorilla. No wonder I prefer ARD.

Netzter was the first super-star of German football. A Porsche driving, night-club owning player from the small German town Mönchengladbach, lead his team to trophies in Germany and Europe. He was transferred to Real Madrid as the first German player in the Spanish side. He went on to become a media entrepreneur, marketing sports tournaments to media companies. He's a clever guy with a great sense of humour. Netzer and Dellinger are friends in real-life, but make fun of each other on TV. This is a mix of their best moments:

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