Friday, August 28, 2009

The Show About Nothing That Is About Everything

This summer was a express ride for me. Even though I planned for working on my thesis, I ended up flying almost every 2 weeks. At the gates, in the planes, on the bus rides, train rides I was laughing all the time. If not I had a smile all the time. It was thanks to The Fab Four of the Seinfeld Crew. I will watch the finale this weekend. I am feeling like I am going away from home, and would never see my friends again. So, here are four of my favorite clips of my friends:

Cosmo Seinfeld - Jerry and Kramer exchange apartments. Kramer acts more like Jerry, and Jerry acts more like Kramer.

George and His Answering Machine - George's girlfriend wants to break up. He runs away and hides from the girl, to avoid breakup. He does not answer phones, so we get to hear his answering machine message.

Elaine on Drugs - Elaine goes down to Florida to visit Seinfelds. She gets a back ache and takes a lot of drugs. She get high, and here's what happens.

Kramer the Showman - Kramer finds the set of a 70's talk show in a dumpster. He turns his apartment into a talk show set, and lives in a talk show.

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