Monday, March 31, 2008

Idiomag and Bright Eyes

Idiomag is the best thing I found on the net after Google and If you are not familiar with, it is a service that tracks the mp3s that you listen on your computer -and ipod, my new mp3 player doesn’t unfortunately support it- and gives you recommendations on music, events you might like, and lets you meet people of the same music taste. Idiomag basically gets this information and prepares you a daily online journal from news about your favorite music artists. I admit this kills the inherent treasure hunt feeling associated with listening to music, but it is a very helpful service.

I came across this song that Bright Eyes did 3 years ago when George W. Bush was the most “evil” person in the media, which is one of the sharpest protest songs that I listened to so far. It coincided with The Economist’s briefing this week on the possible -or impossible- changes in US foreign policy. Summarized, don’t expect the winds to change direction, America has a tradition of bi-partisanship in foreign policy, and it is not going to change fundamentally. The approach might be different that the neo-con “Bush Doctrine,” but no big changes should be expected. Let me know if you are interested in the briefing, I will mail it to you.

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Daniela said...

Disagree. The Bush administration deviated from the bipartisan consensus on traditional foreign policy - the latter being made of liberal internationalism combined with US power. The next administration will not only want to, but actually be forced to go back to liberal internationalism, as it will otherwise suffer further decline in power, because it lost so much legitimacy as a power base recently. Also as Chinese power is on the rise, the US has to go back to its democratic allies in Europe. No choice :D

Apart from this, something nice on the two big parties, my favourite crazy intellecutal: