Sunday, December 23, 2007

Declare Independence!

I recently downloaded Bjork's recent album, Volta. After a series of emotionally loaded albums, Bjork was quoted "having fun" as the primary objective of making Volta. This is very apparent in the songs, as well as the Timbaland influence in few of them. Yes you hear right, after making Justin a world superstar, he contributed with Bjork too. Here are my two favorite songs from the album:

Earth Intruders is a song Bjork wrote after visiting the Tsunami struck Indonesian province of Aceh, which has a flag very close to Turkish flag, promoting her Army of Me Remixes album, which was an beneficary for the tsunami survivors:

Declare Independence is dedicate to Gronland and Faroe Islands, who are dominons of the Danish Crown. Here is a live version from Later with Joos Holland:

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