Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Britain's still backing full Turkish EU Membership

On my prolonged flight to Athens, I had to stay in Munich for a night as a result of weather and airport efficiency problems in Tegel, I had time to check out the international press. I found out this article written by the new British Foreign Secretary David Miliband which appeared on today's Daily Telegraph. Miliband, who started his Turkish visit today clearly put out the reasons why Britain is firmly backing a full Turkish EU-Membership.

He also quoted newly elected Turkish president Abdullah Gul. Contorary to his previous fundamentalist comments, he made a good definition of the much disputed term läicite in Turkey:

A country cannot claim to be contemporary if even a single citizen is being discriminated against based on his or her religious, linguistic or ethnic characteristics or economic status."

Let's see if his actions will follow his newly adopted secular stance...

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