Monday, March 19, 2007

Meribel Part II

Visiting friends, a stint at Cebit 07 kept me from posting for a long time. It's been good in a sense, now I have lot's of things to write about. I'll start with finishing up my Meribel trip first. I've had written about my arrival and the first skiing day. I'll wrap up my skiing experience today, and end it tomorrow with general comments and tips to those who might go to the Three Valleys (something I strongly recommend!)

Second day started equally snowy as the first one. My parents had gathered their strength and I guided them during the morning. We stayed in Meribel, which is actually composed of 3 villages. Meribel Village which is the original mountain village which the British entrepreneur Peter Lindsay visited in the 30s. It is very small and relatively unconnected to the slopes. Meribel (les Allues) is the main village which is filled with shops, restaurants, bars and loud tourists that come with it. For those Turkish skiers, it has the mood of Uludag, albeit 4 times bigger. Then there is Meribel Mottaret, which is the highest of all 3 and was built around the 70s. It is actually 20-30 apartments in the middle of the pistes, and thats where we stayed. For those Turkish skiers it resembles Kartalkaya. We skied in Meribel with my parents, which was considerably more crowded than Mottaret. Here is a video of my parents skiing from Mottaret to Meribel:

After splitting up with my parents I finished up the slopes on the north side of Mottaret:

Third day was the best of all in terms of weather as this video I took before I started skiing shows:

I started with some slopes on Mottaret which I couldn't finish and headed to Val Thorens Valley. Contrary to Meribel, whose slopes were very bumpy, Val Thorens, which is the highest ski resort in Europe, had ice crisp slopes which I love. The skis I rented were more suitable for such surfaces. Below is a picture from a red slope in Meribel:

I was very excited about Val Thorens and the its glaciers:

But I was not able to ski on the glaciers as a result of high winds, and pressing time constraints:

So in the end I felt in love with Val Thorens, but was unable to ski most of it:

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