Thursday, March 22, 2007

Domo, Mac a des...

My computer was giving me the blue-screen pretty often lately. After the blue-screen Windows was giving me the extremely informative problem messages (Problem at 0xaddf50329923092302, yes I can speak machine language). I clicked more info button for a change. I was directed to a web-page which told me that the problem was due to an out-of-date IBM application running on my computer and I could solve it if I download an update. What a wonderful surprise. Windows was being user friendly.

So I did what I was told to do. For some reason, during the install phase the installer asked me to run the Windows defragmenter. For those who don't speak Geekish defragmeter is a hard-disk re-organizer. Windows does not store the parts of a single application next to each other on the hard disk. So when the an application runs, the hard-disk reader has to jump from one position on the hard-disk to another, which slows the system. Defragmenter tries to put the parts of applications close on the hard-disk, so that the disk head does not move around. Everything ok up to this point.

Now I have a Linux and a Windows on my laptop. On my hard-disk there is a section called boot-sector, where the necessary information for starting up my computer lies. When I turn on my computer, code on this section is read and the operating system of my choice is started. Now the defragmenter should not access this part, otherwise it spoils the boot-up process and I cannot access neither Linux nor Windows.

That's only theory of course when it comes to Windows. It did defragment my boot sector spoiling it. I had to consult to experienced Linux-users and start a Knoppix Linuy Live-CD to re-install my boot sector. I am not sure what would I do if I had only Windows.

I am definitely buying a Mac-Laptop. Let me use this opportunity to post three great Apple ads.

This is the best one, about Vista Security.

This is the most beautiful one with Gisele Bundchen

And here is a great Japanese version about re-starting PCs.


myagli said...

reklam yapma kardesim.

Diego said...

yazik lan pc'ye, microsoft'a.. uzulmemek elde degil. bence bu reklamlar insanlarda acima duygusu yaratarak apple'dan nefret ettircek.

thuan said...

you have fallen to the dark side