Sunday, March 20, 2016

Historical Podcasts

Turkey is in turmoil. Rumors of explosions, actual explosions, politicians proclaiming truisms and nothing more, toxic political environment, political deadlock, inactive opposition... Just adds to the stress at our biggest project at the office.

In my daily commute, I find much needed solitude in listening to BBC4's excellent podcasts on history. I'd like to share three recent episodes that I really enjoyed for those of you who want an escape from the madness going on around us.

  • Rumi's Poetry: Mevlana in Turkish, Rumi is a household name in Turkey, but we are educated very poorly about his life or works. This podcast is a great introduction to a deep subject, and a fresh look at the fact that Islam is not a monolithic culture:
  • Haitian Revolution: The only example of a successful slave revolution is the Haitian Revolution. Also an example of how the international system can suffocate any deviating countries from the international norms via sanctions: 
  • Mayan Civilization: I was amazed to learn that the meaning of Mayan Civilization is similar to the meaning of European civilization. It is used for a wide range of languages, states and customs. Also how much more we can still learn about the ancient Mayans is amazing. Finally, without large pastures needed for cattle and similar animals, the city planning takes a whole different form. Very interesting indeed:

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