Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ginsberg is punk rocker or Where is our Ginsbeg?

On world poetry day I listed some of my favorite poets. To my shame I forgot to add the great American poet Allen Ginsberg to the list.

In my biannual "I've-got-to-update-my-mobile-playlist" routine, I format my mobile memory -I am sooo happy not being shackled to itunes btw-  and sift through my music library, looking for new discoveries and re-affirm the classics which are always included in the list.

The unusual, one-time duet of the Clash and Allen Ginsberg titled "The Capitol Air" is one of those classics. Ginsberg sings one of his acerbic social critiques with the Clash in the background.

I found out recently that this delightful punk rock-poetry coming together was not one time. In 1982 movie Poetry in Motion 20 contemporary American poets sang their poems. Ginsberg was once again reciting his poems with punk rock in the background.

I had quoted the Turkish singer/songwriter Sezen Aksu in my entry for World Poetry day:

Poetry is dying out,
How miserable is our day,
The great forest in our hearts,
Is burning out day by day...

I was struck today once again how correct these lines are for today once again after listening . In the crumbling days of the world order, where is our Ginsberg? Where is our Dylan? Where is our Neruda?

Maybe I should not worry that much. After all, we have Lady Gaga to save us.

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