Monday, August 23, 2010


Bob Dylan has this great radio show called Theme Time Radio Hour. Every week he chooses a theme,such as Coffee, Devil, Trains, and plays a wide collection of songs about the theme. Interested can download almost all the episodes from the following website (link to the website).

I was listening to the Weather episode the other day. He played De Niro's famous "Someday a real rain will come and wash away this scum" sample from Taxi Driver. Apparently Dylan likes this movie. So I googled De Niro and Dylan, and here is what I found:

Brad Elderman (link to his website) took this photo in 1976 in a New York City backstage, where Dylan called the young and new actor to meet him in person. Apparently he tried a lot to get it back. I am happy he didn't get his way.

Then I came across a similar picture in the Galatasaray blog I follow Kalendar Libero(link to the blog):

When Queen met the God. This picture of Maradona with Queen is from Queen's epic 81 South American tour. Note the Union Flag Maradona is wearing. Apparently this was not the first time Maradona wore another flag:


e. pınar said...

Freddy Abimizin diger (ve cok daha etkileyici) pozunu burda sevenlerinle paylasmamis olman kalbimi kirdi canim...

Ahmet C. Toker said...

freddie'yi bilen biliyor.

ilgilenen icin link :