Thursday, June 03, 2010

Being consistent and systematic for a change

Turkey's dynamic and to be honest visionary foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu boasted the new Turkish foreign policy doctrine in this Foreign Policy article. I am quoting from the article:
The second methodological principle is to base Turkish foreign policy on a "consistent and systematic" framework around the world. Turkey's vision for the Middle East is not in opposition to its approach in Central Asia or in the Balkans; our approach to Africa is no different from our approach to Asia. Turkey is also actively trying to improve relations with nearby countries like Greece, Iraq, the Russian Federation, and Syria.
Prime Minister Erdogan made a brave speech during the meeting of his parliamentary group. I hope his call for a tougher approach to Israel's violent and reckless approach to the Middle East problem will bring a change to the response of the international community. I am not optimistic about this, since Obama is in a real hard position to open up yet another political battlefront.

I also hope that Prime Minister Erdogan will abide with the methodological approach Davutoglu suggests, and be consistent. This includes severing the cosy ties he has with the head of the genocidal regime in Sudan. 

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Gurbet Kartalı said...

Let us not forget the same picture was taken with rumsfeld and saddam as well as so many other politicians likewise. This is politics, and if mr erdogan sees any interest of his nation by this handshake let it be... Dont forget we are be seen as genociders by certain neighbors of ours, i am not pro-sudan and/or her leader but we should be careful when we tag them according to the info given by only certain media stream.
On the other hand i agree that our foreign ministers doctrine should be the one that any wiseman would pick up, however in reality no one comes and gives you what you need, unless they have an interest from you as well...