Friday, August 07, 2009

Meet your new neighbors: The Crow

The argument from perfect design never made sense to me. The human body seems all too fragile and vulnerable to me to be a "evidence" for a designer. If I were a creationist, my choice of the animal for presenting as "evidence as perfect design" would definitely be the crow. Think about it, how long could a human survive on the streets without any medical care, no shelter, no guaranteed source of food, no clothes, no form of protected sex? The crows can survive as long as 70 years!

And now this:

The crows throw rocks in a half full cup with worms on the top of the surface of the water to raise the water level. Given the right tools and time, I am sure they can open a lock. Thats no wonder from a species whose evolutionary forefathers include the great dinosaurs. A lot of blind design went into them.

Here is the link to the video, thanks to Pinar.

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