Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What good does politics achieve? (or going to the moon again)

The answer to the question in Turkey is "nothing". I fear Turkey's not alone. The great political philosopher, policy maker, comedian, race driver, commentator Jeremy Clarkson wrote in his magnus opus: "There is not a single thing that government improved in your life." But lately, either this has become a more spoken reality of Turkey, or I am getting old and the politicians are looking more corrupt than ever as Baz Luhrmann wrote.

These lovely, incredible, and somehow magical videos of the Moon's surface were shot by the Japanese spacecraft Kaguya:

Watching these clips, I wished we had this technology when I was a kid. I said to myself, at least I am lucky enough to have my kids watch astonishing such videos. It struck me at that moment. The Turkish kids ARE BANNED FROM WATCHING THESE VIDEOS. These and many more fascinating videos. The Turkish Courts banned the WHOLE YOUTUBE a year ago, since there were derogatory videos of the founder of the Republic Kemal Atatürk. Just like frogs boiling slowly in hot water, we Turks have forgotten about this utterly stupid ban.

What are the politicians talking about these days? Should the opposition call the ruling party with their abbreviation -AKP- or with their full name -White Party, or Justice and Development Party-? Should the opposition leader call the prime minister Mr. or not?

It's so sad, that it makes me wanna throw up.

"Can't something go right?
Little things change people's lifes."
Manic Street Preachers - Send Away The Tigers

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